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    The vision of a streetwear, content production, and philanthropy brand was realized in 2015 with the organization iHeartyosneaks, and steadily grew Lifestyle®. iHeartyosneaks is a nonprofit organization aimed at giving back to the community's youth through sneaker donations and events.   
    Lifestyle® is a streetwear clothing brand that works in a continuation of the Yosneaks brand but doing so through clothing. Lifestyle® originally started to fund the organization through streetwear and merchandise. As part of Yosneaks, it defined itself to represents pop culture, sneaker culture, but most importantly, the tie to community. Lifestyle® will focus on quality products, customer service, and experience. The idea is to connect all the passion for sneakers, streetwear, and philanthropy into the perspective that they can coexist through one platform.
    “Helping the World One Sole At A Time”